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NOTE: The first list of slideshows (set to music) run on Windows-Based PC's only, and do not run on a Mac. Sorry.

Slide Shows Set To Music

General Shows Family & Friends
Best Birds Snowman Mike
Alligator Farm Birds Heidi
Washington DC Jill
Patriots Practice Hannah
At the Zoo Julia
Air Show

Slide Shows of Still Photos; No Music


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NOTE 1: Running the first set of shows requires downloading and installing a small (12 KB) program. Installation will begin automatically, all you have to do is say OK.

NOTE 2: All these slide shows run best if you have DSL or cable internet access. It may or may not work with dial-up access, and at best it will be slow, especially for the Buitterflies slide show which includes video (8 MB).

NOTE 3: For the slide shows with music it is best to stop a playing slideshow (or just let it finish) before selecting another slideshow. Quickly switching between running slideshows can end up crashing your browser. If you should do this anyway and your browser crashes (ties up), restarting your browser may fix the problem, and rebooting your computer will fix the problem.

NOTE 4: for the web the slideshows are low reolution (including the music). However, it is possible to right click on the slideshow image and select "Full Screen." To get out of full screen mode right click again on the slideshow image and click again on "Full Screen."

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