Ostomy Resources

After my ostomy (made necessary by perforated diverticulitis), I started recovery.
I quickly learned that I had to be patient: 75-year-olds take time to heal. I also
learned that with the help of doctors, the VNA, and the internet, I could learn how
to take care of myself quite well.

I also quickly learned learned that my wardrobe needed help if I were to be
comfortable and presentable. In addition, I was interested in learning more about
ostomies and their care, as I had no time to gather information before my emergency

I reallize anyone can do a search on "ostomy," "dressing with an ostomy," "ostomy
information," or a host of alternatives, and there certainly is a great deal of
information available on the internet. The links below provide a jump start, from
which you can proceed to develop your own list of resources. All links on this page
open a new browser window.

General Information:
My favorite link is www.veganostomy.ca. It provides very useful information for
helping men select clothing, reviews of products on other sites, and lots of information
about ostomies in general.

A European link with a wide range of useful information on a variety of subjects
relevant to ostomies is www.stomaatje.com.

The first products I purchased were from www.osteomysecrets.com. This site sells a
small, but excellent, selection of supports for your ostomy. I have ordered their men's
classic briefs and their classic wraps, either of which provides support, greater comfort,
and a better appearance when going out. Highly recommended.

www.stomagear.com provides one product only, a speacialized plastic guard for your
stoma called "Stoma Guard." It provides comfort when wearing a safety belt, as well as
when your belt line crosses your stoma. It helps protect and conceal your stoma and bag,
and facilitates wearing normal clothes again.

So with this small start, I urge you to use the resources of the internet to gather
information; some of it will be helpful to your situation.

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