by Richard Shirley

All the photographs in the first section are by Tony Mistretta. Some of these images won him a first place in a portrait photography competition at the 2006 NECCC.

The photographs in the second and third parts this section were taken at The Center For New Age Photography in Lawrence, MA. The CFNAP is no longer in business, but just down the street is Cover Shot Studios. They have annual and monthly memberships, plus an hourly rate (without membership) for using their studio (see their website).

Cover Shot Studios
423 Merrimack Street
Lawrence, MA 01843
FAX: 978-208-4791

The photos taken at CFNAP used four of the seven setups then available: high-key, low key, veil with blue background lights, and portrait setups. Just plug in your camera (PC connection or using a hot-shoe to PC adapter) and fire away. The flash duration is about 1/1000 second, and starting camera settings using full manual are 1/250 second and f/8.0. Exposure adjustments are made via the f-stop or ISO settings. The flash setup can be modified if you wish to achieve other effects.

We used our own models plus models provided by CFNAP; you can possibly arrange to hire models through Cover Shot Studios if you wish.

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