Hawaiian Birds by Marian Berger

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Marian Berger is an artist living in Volcano, Hawaii specializing in watercolor paintings of Hawaiian endemic bird species. Marian also paints abstracts, birds with human artifacts and other subjects; she works primarily in watercolor, but also in a variety of other media. Her paintings of Hawaiian endangered and extinct birds on local, native plants are available in the form of originals, lithographs, and giclees by contacting the Volcano Art Center, Marian's publisher MoMedia, or just searching on Google for "Marian Berger." Special orders are possible via Marian's website.

Note: I am seeking any artwork by Marian Berger, especially artwork I do not already own. If you have Marian Berger artwork for sale, please contact me via email (click on "collector" below).

See a local Hawaiian video about some of Marian's work.
(Video coutesy of Big Island Video News).

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