Lois H. Simon

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Remembrance by Richard Shirley

I have been privileged to know Lois Simon for twenty-seven years, a rare gift indeed.

Before I met Lois, I dated Joan in 1982. It was not long after I started dating her that Joan popped the big question: "I'm having an anniversary celebration for Mom and Dad. Would you like to come and meet my crazy family?" I said yes, and two days later I met Lois, her husband Phil, and all their family. For me it was complete shock: Joan's family was a functional family, a family full of love, caring, laughter and hugs.

At first I could not believe what I was seeing. Those of you who know me well also know that I come from a truly dysfunctional childhood family, so the love I saw at Joan's family gathering was light to my spirit.

Over the years Lois would become the mother I had always wanted, but never had.

Over the years I saw Lois and Phil, then later just Lois, quietly lead their lives as God would have them lived: a helping hand given here, a kind word given there, a quiet greeting and smile always available.

All of Lois's family works hard at the jobs God gives them. They are honest, kind, and always treat others with respect and love. There is no conceit - just a quiet living and enjoying of life, doing God's work through their daily lives.

Lois loved her neighbor as herself, and in so doing honored God. She set an example that spread to her family and to her friends. She was God's blessing to all who knew her. Lois is a blessing that will always be carried in my mind and heart.

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