Lois H. Simon

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Remembrance by Debbie Simon

My Mother-In-Law

My mother-in-law has had a significant impact on my life because of her great inner strength.
She did not possess external beauty; however she did have a regal bearing
combined with self-confidence, and great character.
When difficult situations would come about, I would be so amazed at how well she would react.

Because she was an even-keeled individual, I felt safe near her,
and I knew what to expect.
If anything caught me off-guard, and upset me,
she would always say:
“There, there Deborah, it’s just not that important
to get your feathers all in a ruffle.”

She took everything in stride.
This appealed to me, because at nineteen years old
this is not how I would have responded.
She was my new mother-in-law at that time,
and I hoped she and I would become good friends.
We became good friends, and so much more.
She was an excellent example of a mature adult.
While there were differences, myself coming from the deep South,
and she a Northerner,
she gingerly taught me not only this attribute but many more.

She passed away two weeks ago
And I will miss her very much;
however, what I learned from her,
and the sweet relationship we shared,
will be with me always.

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