Preparation List for Coming Home

VERY IMPORTANT: Do these things (or your own personal version) BEFORE going to the hospital so they are ready upon your return. Also list those things you do not want to have done until the day before your return, and ask your helper to do them just before going to the hospital to bring you home. There is no particular order to the items below, but try to imagine my poor wife as these came up the very first day home, one item after the other. Be prepared ahead of time and help your helper!

Also consider buying the following groceries (or your version of this list) BEFORE you go to the hospital. Don't keep sending your helper to the grocery store! Note that many of the items are selected to ease preparation time, and thus allow several easy snacks during the day.

You should, of course, consume one good meal a day (meat, vegetable and carbohydrates). The weeks after a total knee replacement are NOT the weeks to diet (though I did lose weight as my leg swelling decreased). You have major healing to do, and your body needs fuel to do that healing. My suggestion for all the snack and sandwich foods are to provide some decent nutrition during a period in which you will not have much of an appetite. Your appetite will usually be lower when experiencing pain and/or when on pain killers.