Introduction & Disclaimer

In this section I share what I have learned prior to, during, and after two total knee replacements (one for each leg) that I had done in 2006.

It is important to note that I am not a medical doctor; I am just a patient who also happens to be an inquisitive engineer. Although this section is meant to help and to share, be certain to consult with your own medical doctor(s) before making any decisions about total knee replacements.

That said, as of 2016 the bottom line is that I am very pleased with the results of my total knee replacements. Yes, it took a year to completely heal, but two months after each operation I was doing better than before the operation. Simply put: I can do much more now, and do it with less pain. In fact, my knees are the most pain-free joints in my body, are very functional, and remain so to this date.

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