Alternative Photography

Introduction by Richard Shirley

Many thanks to those people from the Stony Brook Camera Club who have contributed to this section. I want to thank each person, do not know where to start, and so will go alphabetically by first name (arbitrary decision).

During a time period when most people are purchasing the latest digital SLR camera (because their old one is over two years old), many of the photos in this section are done with old techniques and old cameras (yes, using FILM). Yes, many of the images in this section were taken with digital cameras as well, and many of those heavily manipulated with Adobe Photoshop. It is a fun and interesting time for photography!

Once I really got into the project of creating this site I almost could not believe what I was seeing just from members of our own camera club. Clearly our club, although strongly leaning towards digital, embraces all aspects of photography, old and new.

Bethe Fisher did not contribute the most images to the Alternative Photography section of my website, but she certainly submitted Alternatives! Her sections (unique unto herself) include infrared film photography, hand colored prints, Holga camera photos, Cyanotypes, and polaroid transfers. Although I believe it isn't true, it appears to me that Bethe does not own a single camera under 50 years old. Check out her beautiful work here and at Bethe's website!

Donna Leonardo contributed eight beautiful panoramas, all beautiful photographs stitched togather with the Panorama Factory. You can see a lot more of her photography (especially her great wildlife photos) at Donna's website.

Jean Schmidt contributed a creative image (look for it in the creative section).

Joan Shirley contributed a bunch of beautiful creative photographs, one panorama, several photographs under Studio Photography, plus a section on child photography. The creative and child photos will not be available on my website until we have given our show at the Stony Brook Camera Club in the fall of 2007. In my view Joan has now surpassed me as a photographer; I thoroughly enjoy her abilty to see a photograph where I do not, and her great creativity with Adobe Photoshop.

Jim Barbieri is the master of digital creative images. He submitted two fantastic images for creative photography on this website; you call also see several others in the Winning Images section of the Stony Brook Camera Club website.

Ken Wiedemann submitted 16 great infrared images for the section Infrared Photography. He uses a digital camera and a Hoya 72 infrared filter. As so often happens at our camera club, he taught me how to do it, and in a few weeks I hope to append a few of my own infrared photographs to this section.

Pam Medeiros is the underwater photographer of the Stony Brook Camera Club. Check out her images in the Underwater Photography section. And she is getting better every time she goes out!

Ray Guillette is a master of film and creating marvelous creative images using one or two layers of film. You may see one of his images, "Quabbin Draems #2" under Creative Photography.

Richard Shirley (that's me) provided the photographs in the Black & White section, several photographs in the Studio Photography section, and two panoramas. Also several creative images that will not be available on this website until the fall of 2007.

Robert Sheppard has been with the Stony Brook Camera Club for ever! He helped us embrace digital photography in our club, and has been a leader in many areas of digital photography. He contributed six very nice panoramas to the Panorama section.

Shiv Verma contributed two photographs for the Creative Photography section. He also has provided me and the rest of the Stony Brook Camera Club with all sorts of tips, lessons and helpful advice.

Tony Mistretta is (to my eye) an off-beat photographer. I never know what he will come up with next! Take a look at his two images under Creative Photography!

Mark Higgins contributed several photos for the photojournalism section, and indeed inspired the addition of this section to my website.

Thank you all!