Dick's Favorite Bird Photos

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American Oystercatchers Mute Swan American Wigeon
Common Loon #1 Common Loon #2 Clapper Rail
King Rail Common Ground Dove Anhinga #1
Anhinga #2 Red Tailed Tropicbird White Ibis
Great Egret #1 Great Egret #2 Snowy Egret #1
Snowy Egret #2 Cattle Egret Great Blue Herons
Wood Storks Roseate Spoonbill Diamond Royal Terns
Sanderling Snowy Plover American Avocet
Long Billed Curlew Least Bittern Osprey with Speckled Trout
Osprey with Needlefish Osprey with Jackfish Snail Kite
Great Horned Owl Burrowing Owl Common Redpoll
Painted Bunting Indigo Bunting Northern Parula
Yellow Throated Warbler Mountain Gem Gray Jay
House Wren Red Breasted Nuthatch Eastern Phoebe
Gray Catbird Scrub Jay Pileated Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker Red Headed Woodpecker Sandhill Crane

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