Sources of Supplies

The following are the best sources we use for camera equipment and supplies. If you additional suggestions, please .

Cameras and Equipment. We buy most of our camera eqipment from B&H Photo-Video. B&H does not always offer the best prices, but does always offer reasonable prices, and they have an incredible array of merchandise. The first order may require you to prove who you are; future orders are fast and accurate. Except for many vacations for the entire store, their service is superb. Once in a while we will purchase camera equipment from Amazon.

Computers. First of all my biases: I like a very fast computer because I believe the computer should wait for me, not the other way around. Second, I like a large computer (large hard drives, lots of RAM, large monitor) as I use my computer a lot, often running multiple applications at once. Third, I like high-quality components and excellent, in-the-US service. I now purchase my computers exclusively from Falcon Northwest, despite the higher price. I have also helped a few friends purchase computers, and have selected options to meet their needs. Out of all of this, I would recommend Dell. But not for me, and not for my brother!

Printers. We (and most of the digital photographers in our camera club) prefer Epson Stylus Photo printers. They range in price from $99 to $799. Canon printers are a close second. Before you purchase a printer from the manufacturer, check out B&H and Amazon.

Mats. We currently purchase our pre-cut mats at Dick Blick. We no longer purchase our mats at A.C. Moore for two reasons: the prices at A.C. Moore are higher than at, and the mat backing (onto which we mount our photos) has a cutout on the mats sold at A.C. Moore making the backing worthless to us.

Epson Paper and Ink Cartridges. We used to purchase most of our photo paper and ink cartridges directly from Epson. Shipping and handling are reasonable. Prices at Epson online have been consistently better than at OfficeMax or Staples in addition to the savings on sales tax. Currently we purchase most ink cartridges (still Epson products) from B&H Photo-Video as the prices are even lower.

Card Stock. We buy our card stock (Strathmore Photo Mount Cards with matching envelopes) in packs of 50 from Dick Blick. We have not found a better product, nor have we seen a better price.

Clear Bags (for prints and cards). Bagging cards and prints in clear plastic bags protects them, and also provides a more professional appearance if you are selling them or using them as gifts. By far the best price for quality products is at Prices are almost half when your order totals over $40.00 and every item is ordered in multiples of 100.

Software. Generally speaking we purchase our software from the manufacturer.