How I Add pdf Files to My Website

A pdf file is a file used by Adobe Acrobat reader, usually for forms. It is sometimes helpful to put a form on your website that people can download and print, but cannot change. A pdf file serves this purpose very well.

The problem is to convert a WORD document or Excel spreadsheet (or any other similar file) to the pdf format for use on your website. One can do so using the program Adobe Acrobat sold by Adobe for $300. Or, one can do the conversion with free (and legal) software. For the latter, take the following steps:

Go to the Cute pdf website

and then click on the link to the free version of Cute PDF Writer where it says “Cute pdf Writer - Freeware.”

This will take you to a page where you can now download two files: the “free download” of Cute PDF Writer, and the “free converter” that you need for it. I suppose you could also download the free Cute PDF Writer Companion, but I did not do that.

Save the downloads to files, then execute both (Cute PDF Writer first).

Once installed, you use these programs from within Microsoft Office (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.) or any of most office-type programs. When your Word (or whatever) document is ready, go to “Print” and select “Cute PDF Writer.” It will then output your desired PDF file, saving it where you instruct.

All for free!