How To Make Great Panoramas

There are two tricks to making great panoramas. You can do it! Here are the tricks:

Taking the Original Photographs

We believe that the best photos after processing are those that were the best before processing. So we recommend the following:

For perfectionists, one can make or purchase a special jig that rotates the camera about the focal plane of the lens (rather than the center of the camera body). It does produce more accurate results.

Merging the Photographs into a Panorama

The trick here is quite simple: use a program called The Panorama Factory!

This program is phenomenal, going beyond the photomerge in Adobe PhotoShop. It not only does a great job, but it also overcomes many mistakes made when taking the original photos. Many thanks to Bob Sheppard who introduced this program to our camera club! You may obtain the program for about $60 at the Panorama Factory website.

One can also combine photographs into a panorama using Adobe Photoshop (look under File/Automate/Photomerge). The method works well.