Magic Wings!

Thanks to a tip from our friend Annette, Joan and I went to visit Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory and garden. Wow! It was great, as you can see from the photos we were able to take. Not to mention the experience of being surrounded by 2300 butterflies on the wing and on the flowers all around you.

Magic Wings is located in South Deerfield, MA, about two hours driving from Boston. It is open 9-5 in the fall and winter and 9-6 in the spring and summer, seven days a week all year round except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The excellent Magic Wings website provides all the information you will want for visit except for one item: cameras are welcome, flash is welcome, but no tripods of any type (including monopods) are allowed.

As an aside, everything about Magic Wings is very good. The experience is great, the food was very good (and reasonably priced), and the gifts shops were both fun and enticing. I would suggest the butterfly chart (on plastic for $1.00) and a T-shirt if you like to collect them. Magic Wings is a place we will return to, probably taking friends or grandchildren with us.

Insofar as the names of the butterflies, I have done my best to use the chart that we bought at Magic Wings. However, not all butterflies we saw are on the chart, and I am most definitely a novice at identifying butterflies. If you see an error, please let me know via the link to the photographer on the left.

The image above is from the Butterfly Alphabet by Kjell B. Sandved. It is a glorious poster that can be seen and purchased at Also available is a book which shows each letter next to a full image of the entire butterfly that the letter comes from. The posters can also be bought at the gift shop at Magic Wings.

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